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Prayer poem: DEAR LORD I WEEP (added 29/09/17)

Dear Lord I/We weep because this world won’t listen
It refuses to heed what you say,
Instead of listening to you Lord
Pride and arrogance it’s chosen way.
I/We weep for innocence lost
And for truth that is no more,
I/We weep for those blinded by avarice
And for those who have chosen to war,
And for those who kill their brothers
Their reasons (pathetic and few) or hidden from view.
For all the evil there is in this world
Because it won’t listen to you,
Dear Lord I/We weep.
There are some of us who do listen
There are those of us who do care,
It is by your Grace alone we are saved
We know that you are there,
And we pray for your Love dear Father,
To go out like a Tsunami sea,
Sweeping across this broken world
And may it begin with me.


ODE TO THE 6th (A sad and sorry tale of epic golfing fail) By Anon. Golfer - download pdf (added 28/09/17)

The Miracle of Spring
                                                                         by Barbara Willis
   Spring comes to life after cold and dark days.
   It fills us with hope, as nature displays
   It’s new growth, lain dormant; it seems like an age
   Before exploding in colour, never ceasing to amaze.

   The air’s gently warming, the bulbs are on show;
   The lambs and the butterflies all seem to know.
   The hedgerows have new life, the buds open wide;
   The snowdrops and crocuses smile side by side.

   So many daffodils yellow and bright
   Adorn fields and gardens, a wonderful sight.
   Nights become shorter, and when it’s daylight
   A chorus of birdsong is there to delight.

   The scent of the blossom, the warmth of the breeze,
   The birds sing more sweetly and nest in the trees.
   All things show promise and beauty, to please,
   And how lovely to see those first brave bumblebees. 

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A poem by Andrew Snowdon - download pdf

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