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Welcome to our Lizard Lives website

This is a taste of our wonderful, unique village and what happens here. Please let us know what else is about and keep us updated with more information.

If you live in the village and have not received the new magazine through your door, then please let me (Sue) know – my details can be found in 'Contacts'.
Our monthly news magazine has lots of information, some fun items with a quiz page and interesting articles about the area and some of the people who live here.
The Year 3 No. 5 February 2019 issue is now available here.

All contributions/adverts for Lizard Lives please email to: sue@randswheeler.plus.com or drop into Chapel House. Sue: 290045.
Would you like an advert in Lizard Lives? £20 - full page; £10 - half page; £5 - quarter page; £2 - 3 lines.
Deadline - 20th of each month.

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What is new on this site?

  • Magazine Year 3 No. 5 February 2019 issue - here (added 21/01/19)
  • Events updated - here 21/01/19
  • Messages edited - here 29/11/18
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  • Advert updated: Lizard Argyle Football Club here 29/11/18
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  • News from the Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers - here (added 29/11/18)
  • Photos in the slideshow above edited 29/11/18
  • Mullion Guides have cancelled their Christmas Fayre, see here (added 29/11/18)
  • The Lizard Lifeboat and Visitor Centre News - here (added 08/10/18)
  • Nature Notes - here (added 17/05/18)
  • Parish Council news - here (added 17/05/18)
  • Message about an artist's sketchbook of views of Porthleven - here (added 12/05/18)
  • Snowy weather photos - here (added 05/04/18)
  • Update on the current position regarding The Lizard Post Office - on local business directories page - here (05/04/18)
  • Photo added to places to visit - Bass Point - here (added 05/04/18)
  • Adverts updated: The Witchball and Wavecrest here and Lizard Argyle Football Club here (05/04/18)