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Welcome to our Lizard Lives website

This is a taste of our wonderful, unique village and what happens here. Please let us know what else is about and keep us updated with more information.

If you live in the village and have not received the new magazine through your door, then please let me (Sue) know – my details can be found in 'Contacts'.
Our monthly news magazine has lots of information, some fun items with a quiz page and interesting articles about the area and some of the people who live here.
The Year 2 No. 6 March 2018 issue is now available here.

All contributions/adverts for Lizard Lives please email to: sue@randswheeler.plus.com or drop into Chapel House. Sue: 290045.
Would you like an advert in Lizard Lives? £20 - full page; £10 - half page; £5 - quarter page; £2 - 3 lines.
Deadline - 20th of each month.

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What is new on this site?

  • Events updated - here (04/03/18)
  • Advert for Rock, Paper, Scissors - here (added 23/02/18)
  • Magazine Year 2 No. 6 March 2018 issue - here (added 22/02/18)
  • What's on edited (Tuesday Market and Beavers) here (17/02/18)
  • Photos in the slideshow above added to (16/02/18)
  • Photo added to gallery of people - the Cubs and Scouts hike to Kynance and back - here (added 16/02/18)
  • Local business directories adverts edited - here (15/02/18)
  • February Quiz and answers to earlier quizzes - here (added 02/02/18)
  • Euchre Novice here (added 02/02/18)
  • Message for dog walkers - here (added 02/02/18)
  • Warning above and in messages here (added 02/02/18)
  • Nature Notes: Holly and Ivy here (added 02/02/18)
  • Adverts updated: The Witchball and The Top House Inn here and Lizard Argyle Football Club here (01/02/18)
  • News from Landewednack School & Little Lizards Children’s Centre - here (added 01/02/18)
  • Information about Lizard Youth U18s Football Team added - here (01/02/18)
  • The Lizard Lifeboat and Visitor Centre News - here (added 01/02/18)
  • The Way We Were: The Housel Bay Hotel then and now here (added 01/02/18)
  • What's on page edited 01/02/18
  • Messages added (01/02/18):
    Soup and Sweet events - here
    Christingle Service, thank you and photo - here
    Mullion Health Voluntary Cars - here
    Get better without using antibiotics - here
    Could you recycle and compost more? See here
    Reports on Open the Book and The Lizard Chapel - here
    Natural England is launching an exciting campaign in order to support the management of the National Nature Reserves in Cornwall, see here.
  • News from the Brownies, Guides, Scouts and Cubs - here (added 01/02/18)
  • November walk and talk - here
  • Messages added (23/10/17):
    Information about 'A Lizard Bird Diary' here
    New Website - Marconi Centre here
    Suicide Prevention here
    Problems with transport here
    Speed here
    Apologies here
    Carers Forum Meetings here
  • Seal pup photos by Terry here (added 23/10/17)
  • Nature Notes: Portuguese Man-of-War here, Yarrow here and the difference between Witches Whiskers and Old Man's Beard here (added 23/10/17)
  • History - 'The Chrysanthemum Show' - here (added 23/10/17)
  • Quizes (added 23/10/17) - here
  • Photos added: View from Bass Point - here, Little Big Gig - here, Going for a swim at Housel and Lizard Youth Footballers - here, Cubs Night Hike, Sleepover and Scrapheap Challenge - here (added 23/10/17)
  • Information about a walk at 2.00pm on the first Sunday of each month - for details see here (edited 01/10/17)
  • Could you give some hens a happy home? If so, see here (added 29/09/17)
  • Prayer poem: DEAR LORD I WEEP - here (added 29/09/17)
  • Landewednack Parish Plan - here (added 29/09/17)
  • Request for information about the Old Church Hall, Landewednack - here (added 29/09/17)
  • Photos from the Art and Craft Exhibition - here (added 29/09/17)
  • ODE TO THE 6th (a sad and sorry tale of epic golfing fail) by Anon. Golfer - here (added 28/09/17)
  • Photo added to gallery of places - Church Cove Pond - here (added 24/08/17)